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Music develops the students’ social, creative and artistic skills and forms a foundation for a fulfilling and interesting life. For some it is the beginning of a specialised career and for others it enriches their life as a leisure activity.

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What do we offer?

Each student has one hour long music lesson each week. Lessons are entirely practical and involve performing, composing and listening to music. In each lesson we sing, create music in groups or using music technology and listen to and evaluate each other's work. Students have the opportunity to develop a broad mix of skills during their time at Scissett. In November 2018 the department was awarded Music Mark, which is an award in recognition of our commitment to providing high quality music education for all children and young people.

How is the department resourced?

A specialist music classroom equipped with

  • 15 iMac computers, which the students use for composition and music production tasks.
  • Keyboards and pianos
  • Electronic drum kits
  • Electric, acoustic and bass guitars
  • A class set of ukuleles
  • A class set of African djembe drums
  • Lots of classroom percussion instruments (xylophones, glockenspiels, various drums, class sets of handheld percussion instruments etc.)

We have 4 well equipped music practice rooms that are used as rehearsal spaces during lessons and 2 further music teaching rooms used to teach instrumental lessons to individuals or small groups.

What do we study?

Year 6

Ukuleles Introduction to the elements of music
Focus on singing technique
Learning a variety of 4 chord songs on the ukulele
Keyboard Skills Introduction to the basic features of Garageband on the iMacs
Using the 5-finger keyboard technique to learn a variety of keyboard melodies
Introduction to playing chords and combining melody and accompaniment
African Drumming Introduction to djembe drumming techniques
Reading rhythmic notation
Creating drumming compositions that include call and response, cross rhythms and other stylistic features
Film Music Using Garageband to create a composition to accompany a scene from The Lion King
Introduction to basic editing skills on Garageband
Exploring the use of leitmotifs in film music
Rap Music Exploring the history and context of rap music
Performance project based on Gangsta’s Paradise


Year 7

Minimalism Exploring the style and the key features of minimalism
Creating cell-based minimalist compositions that use phasing, melodic transformation and other key features of the style
Blues A mixture of performance and composition tasks using the 12 bar blues chord sequence and walking bass lines
Introduction to improvisation using blues scale
Folk Music Exploring folk music from around the world
Introduction to song writing to create and perform a folk song that fits a chosen style
Reggae Exploring the history and context of Reggae music
Group performances that further develop students instrumental skills
Advertising Music Students are given a selection of current TV adverts and using Garageband on the iMacs remove the original sound
Students then create an original score for the advert that is suitable for target market and includes a voiceover and a mix of diegetic and non-diegetic sounds
Further development of production skills using Garageband


Year 8

The Waltz Exploring the history of the waltz
Composition of a waltz that includes key features of the style
Electronic Dance Music Exploring the history of EDM including the effects of developments in technology
Using music technology to create an authentic piece of EDM
Development of advanced Garageband skills
Rock Band Using a 'musical futures' approach to learning the effects of developments in technology
Working as part of a rock band to put together performances of a selection of rock and pop songs
Remixing Using music technology to create an authentic remix of a song. this involves taking a current pop song, isolating the vocal stems and then building the song back up using advanced Garageband skills

Music staff and instrument lessons

We have one full time music class teacher, Mr M Osborne and 9 peripatetic staff from Musica Kirklees who offer lessons on the following:

Tutor Instrument
Mrs L Pearson Piano and Keyboard
Mrs T Mansfield Woodwind
Mr A Kingham Brass
Mr J Hodgson Drum Kit and Percussion
Mr M Crone Electric and Bass Guitar
Mr P Batchelar Classical Guitar
Miss K Chappell Upper Strings
Mr J Worboys-Hodgson Lower Strings
Mr S Bradnum Voice

Around a hundred students have weekly lessons from Musica Kirklees and many more have private lessons. Students interested in starting instrument lessons should see Mr Osborne for details and an application form.

Music Clubs

Day and Time Club Description
Monday 12:15 - 12:45
Computer Composition Club A chance to develop creative composition skills. We do multimedia projects or compositions to a set brief. (Year 7 and 8 only)
Tuesday 12:15 - 12:45 Pop Choir For boys and girls who love to sing. We perform a range of pop and musical theatre.
Wednesday 12:15 - 12:45 Wind Band For all woodwind and brass players. Beginner upwards.
Thursday 12:15 - 12:45 Rock 'n' Roll Karaoke For students to unleash the rock star within. A high energy club performing the likes of ACDC and Bon Jovi!
Friday 12:15 - 12:45 String Ensemble For Violins, Violas, Cellos and Double basses. Beginner upwards.

Pupils are also encouraged to set up their own groups and use the practice rooms at break and lunchtime. A booking system is in operation.

Enrichment Opportunities

There are a number of in-house concerts each year, which feature all of the school’s ensembles and a variety of solo acts. As well as our two main concerts, at Christmas and in the spring, our students have lots of opportunities to perform at events in school and in the community. Be sure to check the school’s social media pages to keep updated with all that is going on.

In the Spring term our Wind Band and String Ensemble undertake tours of a selection of our feeder schools.

Every Christmas we arrange for Musica Kirklees’ Staff Orchestra and Staff Rock Band to come and entertain students. These concerts are great fun, with the ensembles playing diverse repertoire and introducing our students to the instruments on show.

In April 2019 we were very proud to present our production of Aladdin Jr, our first scale production in recent times. Almost 100 students from across the school worked for months to put together a fantastic show. Part of the preparation for this project involved taking the cast to London to watch Aladdin in the West End. In March 2020 we presented our production of The Lion King Jr and in April 2022 we will perform our production of Roald Dahl's Matilda Jr The Musical!

Matilda Jr - Lyrics Booklet

Click here for a link to the Matilda Jr songs.

Careers in this subject

  • Session musician
  • Music management
  • Teacher
  • Armed forces
  • Broadcast media

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