At Scissett Middle School, we have a number of rewards that benefit pupils.

Year Group, Class and Pupils of the Week

The year group with the most achievement points during the week, will be able to leave school on the first bell.

The class with the most achievement points during the week will be able to go into lunch first during the week.

Every form class will produce a pupil of the week. These are the pupils who receive the most achievement points during the week. These pupils will receive a gift for their efforts.

VIP Passes

Throughout the week teachers will give VIP passes to pupils who have either produced exemplary pieces of work, worked exceptionally hard or for any other positive contribution that pupils make.

ClassCharts - Reward Shop

During the year pupils will receive achievement points. Pupils can then log onto ClassCharts and using their achievement points they can purchase items from the reward shop.

End of Term Rewards

At the end of each term the class in each year group who have received the most achievement points and have the best attendance will be able to dress differently on the last day of term.

At the end of each term we have a reward trip to Cineworld in Wakefield, where pupils will watch a film. Those pupils who have received 50 behaviour points or more will not be able to attend.

All the rewards were introduced after full consultation with our pupils


At Scissett Middle school we run the following behaviour system:

  • Warning – 1 behaviour point
  • Penalty 1 (P1) – 5 behaviour points
  • Penalty 2 (P2) – 10 behaviour points and break time detention
  • Penalty 3 (P3) – 15 behaviour points and lunchtime detention
  • Penalty 4 (P4) – 20 behaviour points and isolation

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