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At Scissett Middle School, French is taught once a week in Year 6 and twice a week in Year 7 and 8. Pupils are taught in mixed ability classes in all 3 years.

During their first year at Scissett, pupils build on and reinforce the knowledge already acquired in their feeder schools. We tend to concentrate on the Speaking, Listening and Reading skills gradually increasing the written input.

In Years 7 and 8, the grammar element increases dramatically, pupils are expected to write and speak more accurately and by the end of Year 7 to be able to use the future tense.

By the end of Year 8, pupils should be able to use both the past and the future tenses and be able to write extended pieces in the target language.

The most able of our Year 8 pupils will be given the opportunity to start Spanish as well as carry on with French in Year 9 at Shelley College. Most pupils will carry on with French only.We work very closely with our Shelley College and Kirkburton Middle school colleagues. It is crucial for us to keep up to date with the changes with GCSE requirements in order to best prepare our pupils for the challenges they will meet when leaving us.

We are for example, starting to practice translation, dictation and picture commentary which are skills our pupils will now need to be familiar with when taking their Modern Foreign Language GCSE.

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Scheme of Work

Year 6

Term Topics
1st half term

Introduction (revision)

  • Greeting/names
  • Alphabet/numbers
  • French things
  • Places in town
2nd half term

Ici on parle Français

  • Countries/nationalities
  • Languages/colours
January half term

Places in town

  • Numbers up to 30
  • Place in town
  • Colours - flags
March half term


  • Birthday (days/months)
  • Numbers up to 40
Spring half term


  • Likes/dislikes
  • Leisure activities
Last half term

My ideal friend

  • Using the 3rd person
  • Talking about someone else's likes/dislikes


Year 7

Term Topics
1st half term

Au college - Unit 3

  • School subjects
  • School equipment
  • Timetable/time
2nd half term

Mon coin du monde - Unit 4

  • My area
  • My house
January half term

Mon coin du monde

  • Furniture
  • Prepositions
  • Weather
March half term

Ma famille - Unit 5

  • Family members
  • Morning routine
  • Describing appearance
  • Descrbing personality
Spring half term

On mange - Unit 6

  • Food and meals
  • Ordering drinks
Last half term
  • Recipes
  • Quantities
  • Healthy eating
  • Introduction of future tense


Year 8

Term Topics
1st half term


  • Types of TV programmes/films
  • Times - 24 hour clock
  • TV channels
  • Invitation/cinema
  • Revision of future tense
2nd half term

Le look de A a Z (Clothes)

  • Describing what you wear on various occasions + adjectives
  • Opinions
  • Introductions to past tense
January half term

Transport and Holidays

  • Means of transport
  • Countries
  • Holiday Activities
  • Tenses revision
March half term


  • Meeting up - places/times
  • Agreeing/giving excuses
  • Food/drink
  • Tenses revision
Spring half term

Dates (special events)

  • Greetings - celebrations
  • Favourite ones - describing past celebrations
  • Tenses revision
Last half term

Daily routine, Teenagers

  • Household chores
  • Events in the past
  • Tenses revision

Careers in this subject

A qualification in a French can open many doors and create opportunities for the future both personally and professionally.  Careers can include:


Interpreting, teaching, translating, marketing, buying and sales, advertising, working for airlines, foreign civil service, tourist industry and hotel management, editing and publishing, event management, imports and exports, logistics

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