Pupils are taught about the need for different roles and responsibilities including leadership, teamwork and decision making. They work in groups to further develop their skills and knowledge which requires a democratic approach.


The Rule of Law

Pupils are taught about age appropriate rules, fairness and respect, through a variety of PE activities. Pupils learn to work individually and in groups. An established ethos in PE with regard to how to win and lose fairly and understand good sportspersonship. Competition against oneself is encouraged in addition to competition against others.


Individual Liberty

PE recognises individual differences. There is an ethos where the views of individual pupils are listened to and respected.  Pupils are taught safely and about the importance of safety.


Tolerance of Other Faiths and Beliefs

The culture in PE respects cultural differences. Pupils are taught about the environment and different activity contexts. There are appropriate rewards and sanctions in PE for inappropriate behaviour. The school engages in competition and encourages competition within and across the community.