21 June 2021

Dear Parent/Carer, 

Year 7 and 8 from September 2021 – change to term dates 

I am writing to inform you of changes to the term dates for the start of the academic year in September and to apologise for the late notice of this change.

It is with great regret that we have to cancel the Transition Day for our new pupils. Following the government announcement that there is a 4 week pause at Step 3 of their Roadmap we received further guidance in school. This confirmed that all current measures and risk assessments must remain in place. These measures mean that all pupils must remain in bubbles, test twice-weekly etc. Guidance around transition days states: ‘this means that traditional transitional and open days are unlikely to be feasible this academic year’ and this is the position we find ourselves in. Pupils arriving from different first schools would not be able to mix and would have to remain in first school bubbles. Here at Scissett we have pupils from 19 different
schools in our new intake of 227 pupils and we would not be able to find enough spaces or the numbers of staff needed to keep pupils within their own school bubbles. 

As I am sure you can appreciate this will cause anxiety for pupils who have not visited the school before or met with any staff. In order to alleviate pupil’s anxiety, we would like school to open for Year 6 pupils only on Wednesday 8th September. Year 7 and Year 8 will now start their new academic year on Thursday 9th September. This will give our new pupils the opportunity to get to know the layout of our building, meet all their teachers and make new friends. They will be able to spend a greater amount of time with their new form tutor on that day and be able to learn their new routines. 

On Thursday 9th September Year 7 and 8 will have time with their form tutor and we will resume the new timetable on that day.

Please accept my apologies once again for the change of date but, as I am sure you can appreciate, we are having to adapt and make changes as we receive updated guidance. We all hope that September will bring a return to our normal school timetable and the extracurricular activities that all the pupils enjoy and deserve.

Kind regards

Mrs A Large