Dear Parents

At the end of the term, we are offering our Year 6 pupils the opportunity to visit the Warner Brother Studios Tour – The Harry Potter Experience on 6 December 2019.  At this time of year, the magical Hogwarts great hall will be decked with thousands of Siriusly spellbinding Christmas baubles and twelve trees of Hagrid-style proportions!

The studio visit almost speaks for itself, being the home of the eight Harry Potter films.  Following the end of filming in 2010, the treasure trove of props and sets, creatures and clothing, have all been lovingly preserved and displayed as part of the ever-changing studio tour.  At the studios, your child can experience the magic of green screen and fly on a broomstick, learn how special effects have been created and enjoy the backlot tour.

The cost of the whole day’s visit is £40, which is the same price as last year, and the deposit of £25 must be paid by Tuesday, 5th November by Parent Pay; however, if cost is prohibitive, please contact one of us on the usual telephone number to discuss alternative arrangements. If your child is in receipt of free school meals, the cost of the visit will be met by the school; however, the permission slip must still be returned.   The cost includes admission, coach transportation and insurance.  Participation in this visit is entirely voluntary and no pressure will be placed on any pupil to take part; however, in accordance with the school’s policy on educational visits, unless a substantial number of parents of participating pupils are willing to meet costs, the visit may not take place. We are aware that the cost is quite high; however, the regular price for a child’s admission in 2019 will be £37 alone.

On the day of the trip, we are planning to leave at around 7.30am due to the distance being travelled and return at around 8pm on the evening; therefore, pupils must arrive and be collected from the bus bay outside of school hours.  Further details regarding meals, spending money, etc. will be available nearer the time of the visit.  

Yours sincerely

Vikki Ward                        Jason Terry
Head of Year 6                 Head of Pastoral Care