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Welcome to our first "Reading Ambassador" blog post.

Without further ado...Let's meet the team:

Sophie, Year 8:  

"Some of my favourite books are Good Girls Die First by Kathryn Foxfield and Lies Like Poison by Chelsea Ritcher. I enjoy reading because it is exciting and, with a book, anything is possible. My favourite quote from a book is: "Choosing doubt as a philosophy of life is akin to choosing immobility as a means of transportation." from Life of Pi by Yann Martell. At the moment, I am reading Women Don't Owe You Pretty by Florence Given
I first began reading from a young age and I've since read the Huger Games series 4 times! These books have inspired me to write my own stories. My favourite genre is either mystery/thriller, horror or fantasy, because each of these genres can take you on unique, yet fantastic, journeys.

Florence, Year 7:

My favourite book is The Girl who Speaks Bear by Sophie Anderson, it is all about finding who you are and being accepted no matter who you are. My favourite genre is adventure.

I like reading because it allows you to step into someone else's shoes and be who you want to be. I started reading when I was younger and the first "proper" books I read were The Malory Towers books by Enid Blyton - they are great. 

Personally, I think everyone can read if they try; I am dyslexic and it has never stopped me, I will continue to read!


Polly, Year 7:

My favourite book is A Girl Called Justice by Elly Griffiths, it is about a girl at boarding school trying to solve a murder; I would recommend it to people who like this kind of story. I have also read Wonder by R.J Palacio, which - if you haven't read it - is a brilliant book that you should consider reading! I am in year 7 now and have been reading since primary school. I love reading because it is a great way to relax and the stories are absolutely amazing! At primary school our teachers really encouraged reading, so I began to read every night and still do now.


Isla, Year 6:

I am really passionate about reading and writing my own stories. My favourite author is Enid Blyton, because I love her style of writing and she takes me through a world of wonder and mystery. Personally, I love mystery books that are set in historical time periods like the war and the 1900s. I have been reading since I was able to read and I love it, because as soon as I open a book I am transported to another world. My favourite book is The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton which I fully recommend if you enjoy magic and mystery. At the moment I am reading The Malory Towers books by Enid Blyton and I love it so far.

Harry, Year 6:

One of my favourite books is The 104-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. My favourite genre is comedy or magic. I like reading because it is an escape from the real world and into a magical place, like Hogwarts or Narnia or the multitude of books in the Treehouse Series

I started reading because we used reading records at my first school and had different levels of reading books; I enjoyed reading so I climbed up the levels and after 2 years has completed them all. I'm currently reading Kingdom Keepers III Disney After Dark and also attend Book & Biscuit Club, in which we are reading The Last Wild by Piers Torday.


Zac, Year 6:

One of my favourite books is The Creakers by Tom Fletcher. My favourite genres are magic (e.g Harry Potter) or Fantasy (like The Chronicles of Narnia). Books I've read previously, that I would recommend are:

  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Harry Potter
  • The Christmasaurus
  • The Creakers
  • The Boy at the Back of the Class
  • Who Let the Gods Out?

We hope to publish a new blog post monthly, in which we will recommend books, discuss what we have been reading and feature authors, new reads and questions from our fellow pupils. We look forward to sharing it with you!

Keep Reading!
The SMS Reading Ambassador Team