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PSHE is an important part of the curriculum at Scissett Middle School and is delivered to our pupils in a number of ways. Morning reflection and form tutor time is an excellent opportunity for teachers to promote currentevents which may be affecting or pupils at that point in time or, are ongoing on a more national and global scale. Through reflection and assembly time in all year groups we cover aspects of safeguarding, anti-bullying, online safety, mental health and emotional well-being, friendships, positive relationships, peer pressure and decision making skills. Pupils in Year 7 have a discrete Life skills lesson each week. The topics covered over the course of the school year include:

  • Risk taking behaviours
  • Well-being and First Aid
  • E-Safety (cyber bullying, social media, Online exploitation)
  • Drug Education
  • Community Values
  • Family Dynamics
  • Puberty, sex and relationships education
  • Careers and Enterprise
In order to provide the best possible PSHE Education we aim to use a number of strategies, including:

  • Promoting literacy and numeracy throughout the subject
  • Guest speakers and workshops (NSPCC, police, St Johns Ambulance, MIND)
  • Use of ICT and Drama
  • Independent research
  • Teamwork
  • Structured debates and discussions
  • Presentations
  • Social skills and confidence building
All of the above allows pupils to access learning in a style that suits them and also encourages independence, allowing pupils to gradually take more ownership of their own learning and progression. In addition to the above, we run three ‘Drop down’ days over the course of the school year. These days involve a number of external visitors coming into school to provide our pupils with a range of new experiences and opportunities to learn. Two of days cover Diversity, in the broadest sense, looking at Disabilities, Race, Culture, Religion, Mental health and well-being, Gender equality, LGBT, safe relationships and Life skills for the future. Our third day looks at Finance, money management, careers and further education opportunities and study skills. To bring the school year to a close we hold a Community week. Each class has a charity allocated to them. They carry out research on the role and work of their charity, work with local members of the community and raise money to donate to the many excellent causes. The pupils at Scissett Middle School have a wide, exciting, enriched and fulfilling learning experience and we firmly believe that PSHE and Learning for Life compliments this, providing all our pupils with the skills and confidence to be successful and responsible citizens in a world of global diversity.