Learning Resource Centre

HLTA with responsibility for the LRC: Mrs L. Dyson 

We read to know we are not alone

C. S. Lewis



Top 15 Books Voted for by Girls
   Title Author
1  The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins
2  Diary of a Wimpy Kid Jeff Kinney
3  My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece Annabel Pitcher
4  Wonder R J Palacio
5  The Fault in Our Stars John Green
6  Ketchup Clouds Annabel Pitcher
7  Shadow Michael Morpurgo
8  Dork Diaries Series Rachel Renee Russell
9  Flip Martyn Bedford
10  The Story of Tracey Beaker Jacqueline Wilson
11  The Murder Notebooks Anne Cassidy
12  My Sister Jodie Jacqueline Wilson
13  Girl, Missing Sophie McKenzie
14  Horowitz Horror Series Anthony Horowitz
15  Gangsta Granny David Walliams
Top 15 Books Voted for by Boys
   Title Author
1  The Hunger Games Series Suzanne Collins
2  Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series Jeff Kinney
3  Cherub Series Robert Muchamore
4  Guinness Book of Records  
5  Gangsta Granny David Walliams
6  Horowitz Horror Series Anthony Horowitz
7  Lord of the Rings Series J R R Tolkien
8  Demon Dentist David Walliams
9  The Enemy Series Charlie Higson
10  The Spooks Series Joseph Delaney
11  Skullduggery Pleasant Derek Landy
12  Heroes of Olympus Series Rick Riordan
13  Stormbreaker Series Anthony Horowitz
14  Harry Potter Series J K Rowling
15  Itch Simon Mayo 


The Learning Resource Centre at Scissett Middle School is a busy, vibrant and exciting environment which offers a wide range of resources to promote reading, facilitate research and arouse curiosity.

Books still constitute the main resource and to date, the centre has approximately 5,000 titles which are divided into 3 categories: fiction, non-fiction and reference. In addition, the centre receives daily copies of The Huddersfield Examiner and First News is delivered on a weekly basis. We also subscribe to a wide range of educational magazines.

In an increasingly technological age, we recognise the need to embrace advances in this field and so pupils have access to an ever-growing number of computers, audio books and Kindles.

During the course of a week, every pupil has one lesson in the LRC. During this time, they learn how to use the facility, engage in a reading activity and have the opportunity to choose and change books. In order to promote reading, the LRC Manager, Mrs Dyson, and the Key Stage 3 Leader of English, Miss Ryan, work closely to plan a diverse range of literary events.


A Year in the Learning Resource Centre



A new initiative to promote reading across the school was launched in September.  Accelerated Reader is software specifically designed to monitor and manage independent reading practice. Each book has a ZPD number on its spine. At the beginning of the year, pupils took a reading test to ascertain their reading level, thus enabling them to choose books within a particular ZPD range.  Having read a book, a short quiz is taken, the results of which are stored and collated on the computer.  One advantage of this system, is that it ensures pupils are reading a book at their appropriate level. Every afternoon, twenty minutes of dedicated reading time is set aside for pupils to lose themselves in a book. 

Inspired by an initiative launched by a national book shop, in September, parents were asked to write a postcard describing a book which inspired them when they were of middle school age. The postcards flooded into school and were displayed in the entrance hall. As well as some of the classics, written by J. R. Tolkein and C. S Lewis, other favourites emerged such as ‘The Diary of Adrian Mole’ by Sue Townsend and ‘Wonder’ by R. J Palacio.


The author, Martyn Bedford is now a regular visitor to the school and in October, 60 Year 8 pupils packed into the LRC to listen to him promoting his first book for teenagers. ‘Flip’ is a psychological thriller which never fails to engage and enthral keen readers. There were two past pupils in the audience. Tierney and Jade are now at Shelley College but when there were in Year Eight, they entered a competition organised by the author and were rewarded by having a character in the author’s new book named after them. Naturally, they were keen to meet Martyn Bedford once again, as well as having a copy of ‘Twenty Questions for Gloria’ signed by him. 



20 lucky pupils in Year 6 went to the Ilkley Literature Festival to listen to the popular author, Cathy Cassidy. As this author visited school last year, there was a great deal of hype attached to this opportunity and of course Cathy Cassidy did not disappoint. She read extracts from her latest novel as well as speaking about her life and answering questions.


For those looking for some early Christmas presents, the Scholastic Book Fair provided ample opportunity. Recent titles, a selection of stationery and a range of posters were all on offer. A lucky few, who had impressed their English teachers, received a book token to use at the fair.   As always, the commission from the fair was used to buy new books for the library.

During this month, Martyn Bedford returned to school to lead two writing workshops for 40 gifted and talented pupils in Year 8.  Using a selection of unusual photographs, pupils were inspired to craft a short story. The writing process continued at home, with the final pieces being submitted three weeks later.  Judging the stories was a difficult task but after much deliberation, the work of Nikita, Alice and Chantel was chosen.  The winning stories were sent to the author, who wrote a detailed critique of each. In addition, the winners were applauded in assembly when they received a signed certificate and a £10 book token.





“Harry Potter Fever” gripped both pupils and staff as they pitted their wits against each other in “The Big, Fat Harry Potter Quiz.” Mrs Ward, Mrs Dacres and Mrs Senior, aptly named as “The Weird Sisters” represented the staff. Although their costumes were eye-catching, their knowledge was not extensive enough to claim a prize. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all, as these comments show. Holly  said, “We were really pleased we beat the staff team. The quiz was fantastic and the atmosphere was exuberant.” Elena enthused, “I really enjoyed the quiz. Although my hand shot up like Harry’s Firebolt when he saw the snitch, I didn’t win a spot prize but my team, ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ came third and so we all rewarded. Reuben’s team had secret meetings to discuss tactics, a strategy which definitely paid off as the members of his team all claimed a prize.




To begin the New Year, a group of Year 6 pupils went to Cliffe House to participate in a creative writing workshop led by the author, Conrad Burdekin. The pupils certainly got their creative juices flowing and returned to school with a selection of top writing tips.


Love blossomed in the LRC as pupils in two Year 8 English classes participated in Speed Dating. Armed with a title of their choice, the boys had just three minutes to promote their book and demonstrate their charm to the girls in the class.  Other teachers, as well as secretarial staff, popped into the LRC to participate in the activity. With Shakespearean love quotes on the walls, red roses on the tables and love hearts randomly sprinkled on surfaces, the scene was set.

The girls secretly awarded marks on their score sheets and at the end of the lesson everyone anxiously waited for the results to be revealed. Gabriel, Jake, Ben and Harley were pleased to be announced the winners and proudly received a Valentine’s card and a small prize.



On World Book Day, a team of Year 6 pupils attended the Kirklees Literature Festival, ‘Page Turners,’ at Huddersfield Town Hall.  Having won this competition on two previous occasions, the team was really under pressure, however their hard work paid off and they were both pleased and relieved to claim third prize. Back in school, the day was marked with pupils dressing as their favourite character. There were some fabulous costumes and prizes were awarded to the most innovative and eye catching.


Another Scholastic Book Fair was held in the LRC, raising £490 to be spent on new books. There was no shortage of titles in the suggestion box and pupils were delighted to see their requests on the shelves.


Due to changes in the English curriculum, all Year 8 pupils spent part of the Summer term studying, ‘The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night Time.’ This play, which focuses on a teenager with Asperger’s Syndrome, proved very popular and when a Drama workshop was advertised there was no shortage of eager participants. 40 pupils, drawn from across the year, spent an enjoyable morning with Gerry Nowicki, a freelance drama specialist. Under his guidance, the pupils explored the key scenes in the play and prepared a series of short performances, which were videoed and later shown to other members of the year group.


A group of Year 8 pupils were given the challenge of preparing a PowerPoint to promote a popular book of their choice. Their work is currently being shown on the television in the entrance hall and Benjamin and Olly’s choice, ‘Itch’ has formed the basis of a new display in the LRC.


With summer holidays on the horizon, book lists were distributed to each year group and book recommendations were discussed.