ICT Resources

Scissett Middle School has a dedicated ICT Team to support teachers, pupils, office staff and visitors. Mr Ambler is our ICT Manager and Mr Webster is our ICT Technician.

We have two ICT suites - ICT Room 2, which is dedicated to teaching Computing and ICT Room 1, which is available for teachers to book for lessons. In addition to this we have 10 computers in the Shared Area, 7 computers in the Learning Resource Centre and a number of computers in classrooms. A classroom set of laptops for use in Science lessons has been made available.

Moving ICT Forward

We strive to offer the latest technology, in September 2012 all PCs were upgraded to Windows 7 (x64) and have at least 4GB RAM, New high-spec PCs were purchased for our main ICT Room, RMT Room and laptops for use by staff. Refurbished, upgraded equipment was put into a number of classrooms the following year.

We are in the process of upgrading to the school's customised version of Windows 8.1 Update 1, which gives us an up-to-date operating system with a familiar interface. Classroom PCs which were not refreshed in 2012 were replaced in 2014 with computers and monitors donated by a local school which had recently closed, these were refurbished and upgraded in house. All computers have Office 2013 and the Serif Design Suite installed.

In September 2014 the school's original ICT network infrastructure (cabling and switching) was replaced with a state of the art system, which will provide the backbone for improvements to come in the next decade, enabling us to support emerging technologies.

Green ICT

Our main school copiers use 80% less energy than a standard laser copier. The print process does not require heat and does not produce harmful emissions. Ink is soy-based and does not release a significant amount of Volatile Organic Compounds into the air. The ink is contained in cartridges made from recyclable card.

Computers and monitors are set to go into standby mode if they have not been logged into within 3 minutes. All new computers purchased are compliant with EPEAT Gold and Energy Star standards.