School Council Meeting Minutes 23/06/14

All Year 6's were present as well as the majority of Year 7's. Year 8's were absent due to the transition trip.

At the meeting the following items were discussed:

Pupils would like more bun sales, so as to help charities and also pupils love buns!

Loom bands are still to be banned, any pupil seen with these bands will have them confiscated

Pupils would like more board games to play during wet breaks. 

The joint council group is working on a possible shelter area in the Shelley area. 



Eco club are organising a dress differently day in order to acquire funds for an Eco-friendly concept at the school. This is likely to be a bun sale.

A memo will be sent around the school, informing pupils about the banning of loom bands.

The use of board games will be dependent on individual form teachers.

Joint council members will be meeting in July to finalise plans for their shelter build.