School Council

At Scissett we have a school council in order for pupils across all year groups and classes to share their views. 

At the beginning of the school year children are informed how to join the school council and classes hold elections. Each class elects one representative, making a school council of 21 pupils. When the council meets they then elect a chair, a vice- chair and a minute taker. Four pupils from across the year group were also elected to join the Joint School Council to meet with councillors from Shelley College and Kirkburton Middle.

Council meetings are held every Monday lunchtime. Each class has a book where they record any ideas and issues they would like their Council representative to discuss with other members.  

Issues the school council have discussed this term have included school dinners and redecorating the toilets.

The Joint School Council have been very busy this year. Suzanne Triggs from Kirkburton Parish Council has chaired several meetings this year, the meetings are held at Scissett, Kirkburton and Shelley in rotation. This council has been involved in designing a shelter for young people, to be sited in a local village. Our council members were involved in site visits and decided on a location in Shelley village. Pupils at Shelley College designed the shelter and Scissett pupils designed a poster to inform local residents about the shelter and prepared a presentation for a public meeting.

Meeting Minutes


Agenda Item Next Steps
Use of designer headbands for hair. These bands will not be in line with school uniform dress code. They will need to be plain and appropriate.
Providing lockers. No available space to accommodate these lockers.
School hoodies or ties or school badges. The main issue, is costing, who will get to wear the hoodies, will ties and badges be more worthwhile?
Toilet etiquette. Pupils are being reminded by teachers to be sensible, e.g. flushing consistently.
Wearing shorts in the summer. There is no consistency, also issue of costing for parents. In very hot weather, Mrs Baxter does allow pupils to wear PE kit.
School council early lunch passes. Will speak to Mrs Sutcliffe regarding allowing pupils to go to front of the queue for school council.
British values. Will arrange a meeting next week for pupils to arrange ideas and work regarding activities and presentations for the whole school on the British values topic.

Classes present: Yr 8 - JO, ED, JR, MR, TO, AG, Yr 7 - CF, NR, JH, SH, TW, RP, MT, Yr 6 - JD, AT, AT, AC, JC, PB, BH


Agenda Item Next Steps
Assertive Mentoring folders in a state and folders are not big enough Will speak to Mr Terry to organise alternatives/replacements. Mrs Baxter is looking at shelving to store the folders in the Shared Area.
Possibility of having alternate sports on the MUGA e.g. hockey and basketball. Chair will organise a questionnaire to ask pupils.
My Money Week, pupils are given £10.00 to start a business. Still pending.
British values, pupils discussing possible activities to engage the school. Using the SCISSETT name as an acronym in line with British values.

Classes present: Yr 8 - MR, Yr 7 - CF, NR, JH, RP, MT, SH, Yr 6 - JD, AT, MB


Agenda Item Next Steps
Possibility of a bun sale to raise money for local charity. Will speak to Mrs Large to see if there is availability.
Pupils would like outdoor break in all weathers. Due to health and safety, this cannot be allowed.
Pupils are noticing that if a pupil has breakfast, then fruit club, there is not enough money to have a full dinner because they have reached their £4 food allocation. Pupils will need to be conscious of their spending at lunch time and learn to manage their budget.  At the moment, this is not a common occurrence, however will liaise with kitchen to observe the situation.
Why are the Brownies more expensive? Brownies are still sold at a reasonable price and the pupils are “getting a great bargain”  Pupils are reminded that the school canteen works as much as possible to stay within their food allocations quotas and that outside of school, Brownies would be more expensive. 


Agenda Item Next Steps
Pupils are asking if there will be painting of the girls’ toilets. The painting of the girls’ toilets is on the Premises School Improvement Plan. Mrs Baxter & Mrs Etherington are waiting for the new school budget. It is hoped that the Year 8 toilets will be fully refurbished. This will be in the summer holidays.
Faulty tap in boys' toilets. Reported to Site Manager. Issue has been dealt with.
Pupils to ask their relevant classes to complete a questionnaire regarding school menu choices. Pupils will report back with views and comments. These will be correlated and the results fed back to Mrs Baxter & the Catering Manager, Mrs Hennel.


Agenda Item Next Steps
Water fountain, low pressure. Mr Stronell is aware and will look into the issue.
School Meals – Some pupils would like a different choice menu. “Work in progress”.
More activities during indoor breaks. School council chair and vice chair will speak to teachers and Ms Sutcliffe regarding alternative solutions.
Mobile Phones: some pupils would like to be able to have their phones with them during the day. Pupils were made aware that the phones will continue to be taken away in the morning for e-safety reasons. Mrs Baxter made the decision to collect mobile phones, due to the number of Instagram & ‘selfie’ pictures taken in school. Pupils were disregarding the rule that mobile phones should be switched off in school.
Dress differently days: Organise a bun sale for Leukaemia. Will speak to Mrs Large regarding suitable dates.


Agenda Item Next Steps
Elections for Chairman and Vice Chairman were held Bradley and Edward were elected as Chair and Vice Chair. New elects will be meeting with Head Chef to discuss school meals.