'The Museum of Untold Stories'

2nd May 2019

Dear Parents

Your children are currently working very hard, preparing to take their SATs exams and we are writing to tell you about an exciting opportunity for year 6 children to work with a professional theatre company in school. This visit will provide some creative relief and simultaneously produce some excellent written work which can be used as part of the English assessed portfolio.

‘Alive and Kicking’ Theatre Company deliver high-quality interactive drama, in which children are not only invited to become part of the story, they are also empowered to change and influence the direction of the narrative. The company will be coming into school during the week of the 20th of May, 2019. They will work for half a day with every year 6 English class, in which the children will become part of ‘The Museum of Untold Stories’.

The Museum exists outside time and space in the World of Imaginative Reality and can turn up anywhere: even our school gym! It is run by its eccentric Curators whose passion is collecting the sometimes ordinary, sometimes strange and magical things that are at the centre of a story: King Arthur’s sword, the Porridge Bowl that belonged to the Little Bear or The Ring that Frodo has to destroy. But there are also many marvellous and intriguing objects with no story. Your children, aided by the Curators and their friends from Alive & Kicking Theatre will find the missing tales, bring them to life, and write their own story to add to the Museum Catalogue.

In order to make this visit from the company possible, we are asking you to contribute towards the costings, with a payment of £6.00 per child. This will be available on Parent Pay and should be completed by Friday 10th May. Participation in this visit is entirely voluntary and no pressure will be placed on any pupil to take part; however, in accordance with the school’s policy on educational visits, unless a substantial number of parents of participating pupils are willing to meet costs, the visit may not take place.

If your child is in receipt of free school meals, the cost of this experience will be met by the school. If you are unsure as to whether or not you qualify for this, or if cost is prohibitive, please contact us on the usual telephone number as you may be eligible to certain financial benefits.

I hope you will agree, this is a really exciting treat for the children after their exams, and will also spark their imaginations to write a fantastic story once they are back in class with their teachers.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs P. McDonald                   Mrs S. Hull
English/ Drama Teacher        Key Stage 2 English Lead