Yubo (formerly Yellow)

Advice on Yubo, dubbed "Tinder for Teens" (PDF)



Child safety on TikTok: parent factsheet (PDF)


This popular game is rated at PEGI 12+ however no proof of age is required to play it. The in-game voice and text chat facility can expose younger players to inappropriate comments and content from older players. The National Online Safety Service has put together a guide with more information about the game and how to keep your child safe.

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E-Safety Parent Fact Sheet and Presentation

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NSPCC Share Aware

A new campaign by NSPCC, aimed at parents and carers of children aged 8-12 – the age at which they start doing more online, become more independent and use a greater range of devices. The campaign aims to encourage parents and carers to understand online safety and to have conversations with their children about keeping safe.


e-Safety Parents Evening

eSafety Parents Evening

Scissett Middle School hosts an 'E-Safety Awareness' evening for parents every September. The event is led by Fiona Denham, a representative from the local authority and complements the school's e-safety drive in lessons, assemblies and weekly reflection time.

Parents are given a detailed presentation which is both current and informative on the potential risks our young people face in the online world.

Gill Senior DSP


Internet Matters


Sky, TalkTalk, BT and Virgin Media have partnered to launch a dedicated online portal that provides information, advice and links to specialist resources for parents concerning internet safety.


UK Safer Internet Centre

Resources are available on the UK Safer Internet Centre's website in the section for parents, including guides for the safe use of Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ and Facebook from Connectsafely.org as well as advice on Ask.fm, in collaboration with Insafe. There are guides on keeping children safe when using devices such as iPods, tablets and smartphones.

Instant Messaging Apps

Please see advice regarding Instant Messaging Apps: https://www.getsafeonline.org/social-networking/instant-messaging

Net Aware

A site where parents review and rate social media apps and sites based on appropriateness. It describes the potential dangers and even tells what age children should be allowed to have access it. http://www.net-aware.org.uk


Digital Safety

Not as daunting as most sites on the topic, this article gives an overview of several dangers on the Internet, such as child online safety, social media safety, etc. https://www.budgetdirect.com.au/blog/digital-safety-staying-safe-online.html



How to guides for Whatsapp, ooVoo, Instagram and more. https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/Support-tools/How-to-guides




Love it or loathe it, Facebook is still having a huge impact on all of our lives, regardless of whether we even have a Facebook profile. Regular changes by Facebook to their settings and the constantly developing trends in online behaviour mean that schools are on a never-ending journey to tackle the issues social networking raises.

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Please note that children under the age of 13 should not have accounts on Facebook - see the CEOP website for further information.

About CEOP

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) works across the UK tackling child sex abuse and providing advice on using the Internet safely.

They provide advice for parents and young people as part of their ThinkUKnow campaign and they operate Click CEOP, which makes it easy to report child abuse.

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Monitoring and Restricting your Child's Internet Use

Advice on setting restrictions on Apple mobile devices.

A guide to setting up Google SafeSearch.

Windows 7 Parental Controls information from Microsoft. Step-by-step guide from How To Use.

CNet guide to Windows 8 Parental Controls.

Information on setting up Microsoft Family on Windows 10.

Windows XP does not have any built in web protection - it is advisable to use third-party software such as K9.

Apple guide to Mac OS X Parental Controls.

Parental Control apps for Android devices on Google Play Store.

Parental Controls on Games Consoles

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Wii U
Sony Playstation
Microsoft XBox 360
Microsoft XBox One

School Acceptable Use Policy

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